Kathy Larsen

"D'ye laugh Reader? Why e'en much good may it do ye!" John Dunton

You can find me in the University Writing Program at George Washington University. You can also usually find me anyplace where coffee is free-flowing.

Contact me:
Office - Ames 223 (Mount Vernon campus)
Telephone - 202 242 5090
E-mail - klarsen@gwu.edu

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Call for Papers for the Popular Culture Association National Conference
- March 21-25, 2016.

Call for Papers for Journal of Fandom Studies

Call for Papers for POPCAANZ June 29 - July 1, 2016 in Sydney, Australia
Send queries and abstracts to fandom@popcaanz.com

Fan Pilgrimage and Media Tourism
Geeks, Fanboys and Stalker Chicks Syllabus
Washington Fan Pilgrimages: Scandal, History, Hollywood
Celebrity, Fame and Fandom Syllabus
Research and Writing Resources

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