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As a faculty member at the GWU, I take my obligations to my employer seriously.  I recognize that service is a critical part of my role as a professor – it is my duty to contribute to the greater good of the University and the GWU community. I believe my greatest strengths and contributions to the University are my knowledge about integrating technology from the elementary level all the way to higher education, particularly in distance and teacher education programs, my positive attitude, and my ability to get the necessary work done well.

Since joining the faculty at GWU, my service within and outside the GWU has increased.  I have actively utilized my leadership and team-building skills in several projects and appointments, and have learned a great deal about decision-making, research, teaching, working in groups, and the manner in which groups function. My vitae provides more details about my service responsibilities.

For me service within and outside the University entails taking on leadership roles. As such, I have taken on several leadership roles, and thus have and/or will continue to shape the direction of these groups/organizations as a result both within the University and within the field of educational technology: