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The three pillars of an academic’s work are research, teaching, and service. Although this portfolio divides these into separate sections, it is important to note that these are intertwined. In fact, the three pillars are recursive in practice as my teaching, research, and service inform and impact one another. 

I believe it is a scholar’s duty to conduct and share one’s research, as well as to participate in the research community through a variety of activities (e.g., advising doctoral students, participating in conferences, serving as a reviewer and/or editor of conference proposals and scholarly journals).  Also, it is imperative for scholars to reflect upon their work – not only work that has been accepted for publication, but also work that has not been accepted, too.

Since I joined the faculty at GWU, I have worked hard to focus my research/scholarship in several areas that are of importance to me and to the field of educational technology.  

My research interests primarily focus on technology in:

  1. K-12 (students and settings)
  2. Teacher Education (longitudinal studies on attitudes, Digital Teaching Portfolios),
  3. Higher Education (innovative applications of technology)

»Review my vitae for more details about published research and works in progress »