Dr. Artz's Research

My primary research interest is in the Philosophy of Information Systems. However, one does not dive directly into the Philosphy of Information Systems without a broad understanding of information technology and a deep understanding of the history and philsophy of science. In addtion, one does not teach relevant courses in a practitioner's field like Information Systems without spending endless hours keeping up with new technologies. Sadly, the way academia is structured, one gets no reoognition for thousands of hours spent keeping up with emerging technologies. One only gets credit for writing papers that are relevant only to other academics, most of whom haven't the foggiest idea what is really going on. Nonetheless, I am not doing this for recognition. I am doing it because it is great fun. What I do is extremely interesting to me and I enjoy it enormously. And that is all the justification I need. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would keep doing exactly what I am doing although I would probably drive a better car and be a little nicer to my colleagues in finance so they could help me figure out what to do with all that money.

Currently, I am working on a very difficult paper on the Philosophy of Information Systems which is almost finished and should be submitted in early 2015. This paper represents the culmination of two decades of research and I have high hopes for it. If it does well, I will probably get busy on some derivative papers fleshing out the ideas in more detail. If it doesn't do well, I will probably turn my attention to one of my other areas of interest which include:

If I get ambitious, I will come back and flesh these out a little more.

For examples of what I have done thus far please see my publications and presentations.

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