Grants and Awards




2017-2020:  National Science Foundation Research Grant (U.S.) #SES-1660749/55

                 "Collaborative: Role of Intellectual Capital in predicting outcomes of Entrepreneurial Firms" with Vojislav Maksimovic

2009-2012:  National Science Foundation Research Grant (U.S.) #SES-0924902/3                              

                      "Collaborative: Tax Evasion and Corruption around the World? Are Firms Victims or Perpetrators?" with Vojislav Maksimovic

2008-2009:  George Washington University Center for International Business Education & Research Grant 

2006-2009:  National Science Foundation Research Grant (U.S.) #SES-0550573/454 

                      "Collaborative: Legal Institutions and Doing Business: A Cross-Country Analysis," with Vojislav Maksimovic

          2007:  University Facilitating Fund Research Grant

2006-2007:  GW–CIBER Policy Research Scholar



2009:           Nominated for the Best Paper on Emerging Markets Award and the IMD Samsung Best Paper Award at the Annual Meetings of the Academy of Management.

2008:           Nominated for Trachtenberg Teaching Award

2007:           Nominated for Chair’s Teaching Excellence Award

2003:           Spot Performance Research Award, World Bank

2002:           Allen J Krowe Award for Teaching Excellence

2001:           Alan Nash Outstanding Doctoral Student Award