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See my teaching statement here.

Teaching Experiences

Teaching at GWU

Spring 2017: Math 1232 Single-Variable Calculus II;

Spring 2017: Math 6523 Numerical Methods for ODE&PDE;

Fall 2016: Math 1232 Single-Variable Calculus II;

Fall 2016: Math 3553 Introduction to Numerical Analysis;

Spring 2016: Math 6540 Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization;

Fall 2015: Math 3553 Introduction to Numerical Analysis;

Fall 2015: Math 2572 Introduction to Computing in Mathematics;

Spring 2015: Math 6540 Topics in Numerical Analysis;

Fall 2014: Math 1231 Single-Varialbe Calculus I;

Teaching at UCSD

Winter 2014: math 10B Calculus II;

Fall 2013: math 20D Introduction to Differerntial Equations;

Spring 2013: math 20B Calculus II for Science and Engineering;

Fall 2012: math 20A Calculus I for Science and Engineering;

Win 2011: math 10A Calculus I: Single Variable Differentiation;

Teaching at Penn State

Fall 2010: math 110 Calculus I for Business (Recitation Class);

Fall 2009: math 251 Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations;

Spr 2009: math 231 Calculus of Several Variables

Fall 2008: math 021 College Algebra;

Fall 2007: math 026 Trigonometry;

Fall 2006: math 026 Trigonometry.