Russian and East European links:

Russian and East European links:

Below you will find useful links to Russian, CIS, and East European sites:

A major Slavic languages reference center is located at the University of Illinois library. They have one of the largest collections in the nation of Slavic languages materials, and you can address your questions to their superbly professional reference service staff at theSlavic Reference Service, University of Illinois.

An excellent guide to electronic information from and about the region is the REESweb, or Russian and East European Studies Home Page, created by Casey Palowitch at University of Pittsburgh and maintained by Pitt's Slavic Bibliographer Karen Rondestvedt.

To learn more about Slavic studies at the George Washington University please visit the homepage of

German and Slavic Department/Abteilung für Germanistik und Slavistik.

At Open Media Research Institute site you can learn how to sign up for a substantial e-mail daily news summary, "Omri Daily Digest$ covering Russia and Eastern Europe, and often including current Russian election news. To subscribe directly send e-mail to In the body of message type: subscribe omri-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname.

Other recommended Russia links:

Maximov Online: your window on Russia and the New Independent States. (From Maximov Publications) Contains political and business news and newest Maximov's publications.

Information & News: Russian Information.

Welcome to St. Petersburg: St. Peterburg Web.

The St. Petersburg Times: an electronic newspaper in English.

Modern European/Russian History: excellent links to many sites mostly dealing with Russian history.

Russia on the Web: a huge site of Russian links.

Russia on the Net: another huge site of Russian links.

Russian Life Magazine: a Monthly Magazine of Culture, History and Travel.

Russia-On-Line: another monster site of Russian links.

The Russian Chronicles: an innovative electronic magazine.

Little Russia in San Antonio, TX: more links; NB: Music Page!!!

Russian Literature on the Net: a massive list of works of literature including works of prose (includes some links to full text novels), poetry, journals, newspapers, song texts etc.

Russian Newspaper Collection: links to many full text Russian newspapers.

Russian Literature: many links to sites dealing with various aspects of Russian literature (from Bucknell University).

Russian Yellow Pages

Russian Story Home Page: easy access to full text and graphic, continuously updated collection of Russian newspapers and other Russia-related materials of general interest.

Russian Web Girls: "A virtual club that redefines the term Russian Women and increases their presence on the Internet."

Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow: library's home page, describing its collection and services.

Moscow Channel: an innovative electronic almanac, dedicated to contemporary Russian art; highly visul!!!

Selected East European Links:

Among our limited selection of East European links we strongly recommend Berserkistan one of the most exciting and innovative sites we came accross on the Web. This is an on-line magazine covering Bosnia and former Yugoslavia. Excellent writing, photography and reporting by Jim Bartlett who is the first reporter in history to cover a war zone exclusively for the Internet. A must for those lovers of gutsy, tight, meat-and-potatos kind of macho Hemminquesque reporting. Read it and experience the Internet at its best!

Slovenia: a Guide to Virtual Slovenia. A very comprehensive site of Slovenian information and links, recommended by our Slovene friend and colleague a "gray literature" librarian from Slovenian National Library Elektra Tsigaridas.

Czech Happenings: news source in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia providing news,business information, pictures, graphics and opinion from and about both these countries, their neighbours and the rest of the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Czech and English.

Croatian Radio Television (HRT): daily news from Croatia and culture/heritage pages.

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