Russian Rock Page and Russian Rock links:

Russian Rock Page and Russian Rock links:

We are attempting to assemble on this page the most complete possible collection of Russian rock music resources found on the Web. Providing Web's everchanging nature we appreciate hearing from anyone about new sites we can add to our collection. Please contact this page's curator Mark Yoffe.

Russian rock bands stationed in North America:

Home of Russian Blues: a home page of celebrated Russian blues musician Yuri Naumov, residing in New York City. One of the handsomest sites on the Web, created by our young Russian cyberpunk friends.

Obermaneken: a home page of this Russian band stationed in New York City. This is one of very few bands in the world that characterize its music as "psychedelic rock." You can olso visit their OberPhotos site.

Vasily Shumov and Center: a home page of Moscow rock musician Vasily Shumov and his band Center who now reside in California. One of the brightest stars of Russian new wave during the 1980s Shumov was and still is very influencial of among those Russian rockers who care about musicianship.

Limpopo: a home page of California based Russian band.

Russian rock bands and resources pages:

Russian Independent Music: Russian indie music page.

Faces of Russian Rock: provides links to pages of most well known Russian bands.

Russian World: music pages of this Russian information site. Many links to band home pages and other Russian rock sites. Also includes links to bard and classical music sites.

Little Russia in San Antonio, Music Page: links to many rock, bard and classical music sites.

Russian "bards": for that "bard" music lover in you. From Simon Hawkin's home page.

"Red Wave" -- Russian Rock Server: a large site of rock links with emphasis on Grazhdanskaia oborona and Aquarium.

Index of Russian Lyric: a huge index and archive of Russian rock and bard lyrics with many links to other collections.

Misha Verbitsky [home page]: a very cleverly designed page by certain M. Verbitsky, with a nicely selective collection or Russian rock links and full text materials dealing with unorthodox figures of Russian culture, such as Timur Kibirov and Eduard Limonov.

AQUARIUM and Boris Grebenshchikov pages:

Kibo's Page: a family page of Ken Schaffer of Belka International, a legendary electronics wizard, who in 1989 was instrumental in bringing Boris Grebenshchikov to the US for recording of, BG's English language album RADIO SILENCE. Links to American rock music pages and to BG.

Akvarium: a mega-page of Aquarium related links, resources and full-text materials.

BG:Boris Grebenshchikov dedicated page; mostly consists of discography.

Aquarium: a large page of links and information.

Aquarium Internet Navigator: claims to link together all existing Aquarium sites.

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