This stuff ain't pretty but it's sure is out there and we want you to know how to find it for the purpose of scholarly inquiry.

Hate Watch: a virtual clearinghouse of hate: links to hate groups by category, listservs, bibliography. Produced by Hate Watch an organization that monitors the growing and evolving presence of hate group activity on the Internet.

Freedom-Site Homepage: hate from our Canadian neighbours. "The Freedom-Site is dedicated to hosting controversial and Politically Incorrect groups." Hosts pages maintained by organizations of "freedom-loving Canadians" and provides links to other "freedom" sites and a virtual store of "freedom" products.

Fenix Mall Index Page: a virtual store of "politically incorrect" literature and other products products including jewelry. Links to "White Nationalists" pages and antisemitica.

STORMFRONT White Nationalistst Resource Page: a monster page of racist and antisemitic resources. A must for that hate connoisseur in you!!!

Aryan Nations: a publication from Christian-Identity Church. Close to Stormfront but more pointed.

Biblioteka Antisemitica Internationale

Our small but growing collection of pure unadulterated old-fashioned antisemitica. Hate Watch and STORMFRONT are still the best sources on the subject. We are merely providing the direct links to cover some gaps.

Kielce Fraud and Shtetl and The True Face (of bad Jews): three revisionist pieces from PoloniaNet home page, produced by PoloniaNet Publishing Company in Chicago, Ill.

The Christian Alternative: a page of exceptionaly exciting antisemitica from those "good" Christians in... Norway?! Great links to antisemitic sites you newer knew existed! Apparently there is much more to Norway then fjords and polar explorers...

Be Wise as Serpents: from banal to most exotic -- antisemitica from people who are as "wise as serpents."