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Architectural and environmental site events have been created annually since the 1960s with the recent adaptation of site specific video art documentation of inaccessible sites that becomes part of stage performances.

DC 7th International Improvisation Plus+ Festival (2001)
Dance In Art Museum of the Americas and the OAS Garden  Dancers and musicians from Brazil, DC, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Minnesota. Event curated by Maida Withers, founder/director, Jim Levy, musician, Daniel Burkholder, Sharon Mansur and Cyrus Khambatta.

DC 4th International Improvisation Plus+ Festival (1998)
THIS SPACE OCCUPIED! Corcoran Gallery of Art - throughout the premises.  Dancers and musicians from DC, NYC, England, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Tibet, and South Africa. Event curated by Maida Withers, director, and Jim Levy, musician.

DC 3rd International Dance Improvisation Plus+ Festival (1997) 
Seeing JAZZ MOVE, a performance in conjunction with the Seeing JAZZ exhibition at the Smithsonian Institutionís International Gallery of Art. Dancers and musicians from DC, NYC, Netherlands, China.  Event curated by Maida Withers and Jim Levy, Musician.

Halda (a mound made of waste) (1997) 
Outdoor performance inspired by the environment (pollution/mining) of the Silesian region in Poland. Commissioned by Slaski Teatre Tanca for the 1997 International Dance Conference and Festival in Poland.  Performances in the Plaza, Bytom; Placu Sejmu Slaskiego, Katowice; Kazimierz ul Szeroka, Krakow, Poland.

Sunday Maneuvers (1977)
Performance created for Theodore Roosevelt Island National Park, Washington, DC. Choreography, Maida Withers and company; stilt construction, Brook Andrews; musicians performing in the mote, John Bailey, director.

White Mansions (1975)
Performance constructed for Holy Rood Cemetery in Georgetown at dusk. Choreography and design, Maida Withers and DCCompany.

Bog Works (1975)
Performance in an environment of homemade loudspeakers and battery-operated lights/set. Maida Withers and DCCompany; John Driscoll, composer and set. Premiere: Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC.