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Stall. (Rotating Loudspeaker)

The Dance Construction Company has worked extensively with technologyLaser Dance and art for over 35 years. 
  • Dance Technology in Performance (selected works)
  • Dance Video Publications (selected works)
Dance Technology in Performance

Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky (2001) Aurora/2001: Part I - Virtual Sun
Part I: The Sun / Virtual Sun; Part II: Solar Wind towards Magnetosphere: Part III: Magnetic Storm Seen from Above; Part IV: View from the Earth
Real time interactive poetic journey through space where dancers manipulate and alter cyber world environments by using the wireless mouse. Maida Withers, concept/choreographer/director; DCCompany (dancers - USA, Russia, Poland); Øystein Sevåg Global House Band, composer/musicians (Norway); Tania Fraga, cyber world artist (Brazil); David Liban, filmmaker. Installation includes motion pictures from NASA, European Space Agency, Lockheed Martin, Trond Trondson, Auroral Imager, Robert Eather and SolarMAX IMAX, photographs of  aurora artists including Jan Curtis and Dick Hutchinson. Premiere: The Northern Lights Festival, Tromsö, Norway.

Utah * Spirit Place * Spirit Planet * Tukuhnikivatz (1996) 
Evening-length multimedia installation and performance based on ancient and contemporary earth consciousness commissioned by Lincoln Center. Maida Withers, concept/choreography/video; Brent Michael Davids, Native American/Mohican composer and music ensemble; Bruce Hucko, earth photography; Adam Peiperl, kaleidoscope photography; Verabel Cluff, Stefanie Altomare-Sese, video; Jennifer Kinloch, visual installation; Thomas Fiocci, set; Turker Ozdogan, masks; Kellie Owens, costume design; Spencer Brown, light design. Premiere:  Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors GREAT DANCE in the BANDSHELL Series, Damrosch Park, NYC.

Stirrings (1994)
Multimedia solo created by Maida Withers for Kim Je Young (Korea); Adam Peiperl, installation - polarized light sculpture video;  Kang Tae Hwan (Korea), saxophone; Premiere: Munye Theatre, Seoul, Korea.

In Winds of Sand (1993)
Solo dance performance, video, and slide installation based on the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. Maida Withers, concept and performance; Verabel Cluff, video, SandsS CycleS, and earth slides; A.F. Caldeiro, music for drum and voice.  Premiere: Marvin Theatre, Washington, DC. 

Laser Dance: Departure, Quest, Domain, Rites, Skylight, Departure(1985) Evening-length performance inside installation of argon laser beams on stage and in the theatre with sound installation - microphones responsive to heat of laser beams. Maida Withers, concept/choreography; Rockne Krebs, laser sculptor; Bob Boilen, Synclavier II composer. Premiere:  Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC.

Stall. (1981)
Evening-length performance, a dialogue with the rotating loudspeaker installation. Maida Withers, choreography; John Driscoll & Phil Edelstein, music and loudspeaker animation. Premiere:  Akadamie de Kunst Festival, West Berlin, Germany.

Phase Tracing I (1978) and Phase Tracing II (1979) 
Performance where dancers create audio with movements of the body dropping the projected ultra sound an octave into a level of audability.  Maida Withers, choreography; Ron Kuivila, ultra sound music and sculpture.  Premiere: Dance Project and Marvin Theatre Washington, DC.

Time Dance (1976)
Group performance based on structure of pulse and accumulation. Maida Withers and DCCompany, choreography; John Driscoll, music for miniature objects; John Bailey, costumes,  Premiere: Hand Chapel, Washington, DC.

Bog Works (1975)
Site-specific performance in an environment of homemade loudspeakers. Maida Withers and DCCompany, choreography; John Driscoll, construction and performance with loudspeakers and battery-operated light/set. Premiere:  Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC.

Dance Video Publications

Aurora/2001 (2001) 17 min and 5:20 min
Dance documentary / promotional video based on Aurora/2001: Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky; Maida Withers, choreography; DCCompany, dancers; Linda Lewett, camera/editor; ArtTV producer.

Tukuhnikivatz  (1996) 30-min
Dance documentary / promotional video based on Utah * Spirit Place * Spirit Planet *Tukuhnikivatz, Lincoln Center, NYC, NY; Maida Withers, choreography; DCCompany; Stefani Altomare-Sese, editor; GWTV, producer.

SandS CycleS (1992) 30-min.
Dance-art video shot at White Sands, New Mexico and Coral Dunes, Utah edited to the hero’s journey described by Joseph Campbell: innocent, martyr, orphan, caretaker, warrior, destroyer, magician, and the ruler; concept and solo performance by Maida Withers; Verabel Cluff, camera, editor, and producer. Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, Brazil (1992); Women Make Movies VIII (1993), Washington, D.C.; IMZ Dance Screen, Lyon, France (1994);  installation for performance, In Winds of Sands.

Orbit (1990) 3:30-min
Dance-art video, male duet, conceived and directed by Maida Withers; Paul Caffrey, editor; Eddie Taketa and Greg Simeon, dancers; GWTV, producer. Excerpt from Obsession – America’s Obsession with Sex.  Premiere: IMZ Dance Screen in Frankfurt Germany (1992); Selected for showing, D.C. 1990 International Film Festival and l991 Women In Film Festival, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC.

Ledge (1989) 30-min
Dance documentary video; Maida Withers, choreography; John Lancaster and Maida Withers, dancers; Linda Lewett, videographer; Cable TV, Metro-Arts Program, Arlington, Virginia, producer.

Light Suite:  Rings, Dunes, Wall Floating (1987) 18:30-min
Experimental video combining polarized light sculptures and dance; Maida Withers, choreographer; DCCompany, dancers; Adam Peiperl, sculptor; Paul Caffrey, editor; GWTV, producer.

Obsession (1987) 30-minute
Dance documentary video of Obsession – America’s Obsession with Sex. ; Maida Withers, choreographer; DCCompany, dancers; Linda Lewett, camera; Judy Lowe and Maida Withers, editors. Cable, Metro-Arts Program, Arlington, Virginia, producer.

State of the Art (l986) 15-min
Award winning dance documentary video; Maida Withers, choreographer; DCCompany, dancers; Linda Lewett, editor; Metro Arts Program; Arlington, Virginia, producer.

Laser Dance (1985) 23:30-min
Dance documentary video from 16mm film of premiere in Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC; Maida Withers concept and choreography; DCCompany, dancers; Bob Boilen, interactive sound installation; Rockne Krebs, argon laser installation; Linda Lewett, camera and editor; Dance Construction Company, producer.

Maida Withers (1984) 7:30-min
Artist profile “Maida” ABC-TV special for Saturday Magazine, Washington, DC.

Dance, Dance, Dance (1978) 30-min each
Ten-part dance series for NBC-TV, Washington, DC; Narrator and concept, Maida Withers.  National distribution: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

From Movement to Dance:  People, Creatures, Things (1967) 15-min
16mm black and white film; Dancer, Maida Withers; Producer:  Mid-Atlantic Educational Institute.