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Krystal Yvonne Warner


On July 28, 1988 Yvonne Adorno and Philson Warner were bless with a special bundle of joy, Krystal Yvonne Warner. Born into a family of 2 brothers and 3 sisters, I was surround by a lot of love and laughter.

As a native New Yorker I learned the skills of independence, resilience, and aggression at a very young age. In September of 2006, I was let into the wonderful world of the nations capital.

I plan on utilizing my resources from both New York City and DC to become a sports agent. Hopefully I’ll become the next Kobe Bryant’s agent.

Fulbright Hall Room 308

The George Washington University

Washington, DC 20052

To Contact Me:

Facebook: Krystal Warner

E-mail: warnerk@gwu.edu