Wagner Lab


The focus of research in my group is the synthesis, study and application of solid-state inorganic materials with technologically significant magnetic, electrical, optical, electrochemical or catalytic properties.  Of particular interest are nanoscale (1 - 20 nm diameter) materials.  These materials can have vastly enhanced properties over their bulk counterparts because of their high surface area to volume ratio and quantum effects due to electronic confinement.  In addition to our interest in their intrinsic properties, we also utilize them as precursors to metastable and nanostructured materials as well as components of composites.

Currently, we have two main project areas, both well supported by external funding, the synthesis of nanoscale materials by alkalide reduction and the development of improved Li-ion battery electrode materials.  Follow the links to the top of this page to meet the members of the lab, and to learn about the projects and our laboratory.

Nanoscale Materials

Dr. Michael J. Wagner