Department of Chemistry

The George Washington University




MS, Chemical Physics, 1994, Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics,

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprydnyi, Russia


Ph.D., Chemical Physics, 1999, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

“Structure and reactivity of thin ice films”


Postdoctoral, 1999-2001,  Department of Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

“FTIR Studies of interfacial properties of ultrathin ice and water films”




Associate Professor                                                Department of Chemistry

2001-                                                                              George Washington University

        Washington, DC


Postdoctoral Associate, with G. E. Ewing    Department of Chemistry

1999-2001                                                                Indiana University

Bloomington, IN


Graduate Student, with W.R. Gentry             Department of Chemistry

1994-1999                                                                    University of Minnesota

        Minneapolis, MN


Visiting Scientist, with Y. T. Lee                        Department of Chemistry

1992-1994                                                                University of California

Berkeley, CA


Research Assistant, with V. B. Leonas          Physical Kinetics Laboratory

1990-1992                                                                    Institute for Problems in Mechanics

        Moscow, Russia