Vlad Sadtchenko

Associate Professor


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GW Chemistry 
725 21st Str. NW, Room 107
Washington, DC 20052

Phone:  202-994-6155
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Due to the crucial role of aqueous chemistry in a variety of environmental, biological, and industrial processes, studies of aqueous phase phenomena remain an important field of modern physical chemistry.  Motivated by a wide range of intriguing and challenging problems in in this exciting field, we have developed a new, comprehensive, versatile experimental approach which we termed Fast Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy - Scanning Calorimetry (FTDS-SC). Using FTDS-SC technique, we are currently engaged in a variety of research projects which range from fast scanning calorimetry studies of glass transition phenomena in amorphous solid water to Time-of-Flight FTDS investigations of photochemistry of environmental pollutants  in ice and snow.