CSCI 6554

Project 1


This system displays 3D models stored in a specific format and project them on a 2D screen. The coordinates stored in the 3D models are transformed by matrices multiplication. The resulting image is using wireframe rendering with back-face removal.


Car 1------ Car 2------ Car 3------

House 1------ House 2------ House 3------

King 1------ King 2------ King 3------

Project 2

Scan Convert and Z-Buffer Algorithm

Single Object

House 1------ House 2------ Car ------

Two Objects

House and Car------ Big House and Small House 1------ Big House and Small House 2------

Project 3

Scan Convert and Z-Buffer Algorithm


Constant------ Gouroud------ Phong ------


Constant------ Gouroud------ Phong ------

Project 4

Texture------ Constant------ Gouroud------ Phong ------

Project 5

Perlin Noise------ Plant------ Besier Surface in 2D-1----- Besier Surface in 2D-2----- Besier Surface in 3D ------