Former PhD students: 


-          Cristi Guevara: PhD 2011 (at Arizona State),

currently at Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico;

her webpage , her papers and thesis


-          Erwin Suazo: PhD 2009, co-advised with Sergey Suslov (at Arizona State),

currently at University of Puerto-Rico Mayaguez;

his webpage , his papers




Former MS/BS students (supervised research theses):


-          Caroline Freitag, BS 2012 (at GWU) , GWU Research Days, GWU Today

currently at Department of Health


-          Steven Troxler, BS 2009 (at Arizona State), Wexler Award 2009


-          David Kaspar, BS/MS 2008 (at Arizona State), Wexler Award 2007

currently at UC-Berkeley math department


-          Daniel Romero, BS/MS 2007 (at Arizona State), Wexler Award 2005

currently postdoc at Northwestern, previously PhD 2012 (Cornell)


-          Sarah Hankel, BS 2005 (at Arizona State)


-          Emily Khoury, BS 2004 (at Duke)


-          Ryan Letchworth, BS 2004 (at Duke), Julia Dale Prize 2004


-          Mark Donahue, BS 2004 (thru REU-2003 at Duke)