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Knots in Washington XXXV
December 7-9, 2012
George Washington University
Washington, DC, USA

Mieczyslaw K. Dabkowski (UT Dallas), Valentina Harizanov (GWU), Jozef H. Przytycki (GWU), Yongwu Rong (GWU), Radmila Sazdanovic (U.Penn), Alexander Shumakovitch (GWU), Hao Wu (GWU)

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List of Talks

A Nait Abdallah Single photon self-interference as additive Curry-Howard correspondence
Eleanor Abernthy Milnor Invariants and Gauss Diagram Formulas
Cheryl Balm Generalized crossing changes in satellite knots
Jessica Banks The Kakimizu complex of a link
Ryan Blair Exceptional Surgery and Bridge Distance
Carmen Caprau Foams and sl(n) tangle cohomology
J. Scott Carter Reidemeister/Roseman-type Moves to Embedded Foams in 4-dimensional Space
Shane D'Mello Classification of Rational Knots of Low Degree in the 3-Sphere
Mieczyslaw K. Dabkowski Invariants of 4-moves
Rumen Dimitrov Algorithmic Content and Structure in Effective Vector Spaces
Jenny George TQFTs from Quasi-Hopf Algebras and Group Cocycles
Eugene Gorsky On stable Khovanov homology of torus knots
Tobias Hagge Projective Geometry and Quantum Logic
Mark Hughes Alexander and Markov type theorems for link cobordisms
Dionne Ibarra A state model for the SO(2n) Kauffman polynomial
Ayumu Inoue Quasi-triviality of quandles for link-homotopy
Noboru Ito Khovanov homology and Kirby moves
Michal Jablonowski On a monoid associated to knotted surfaces in special form
Thomas Jaeger The characteristic-2 Rasmussen invariant and mutation
Effie Kalfagianni The geometry of state surfaces and the colored Jones polynomials
Seiichi Kamada Branched coverings and braided manifolds of low dimensions
Yuka Kotorii On cyclic equivalence classes of nanowords and finite type invariants
Victoria Lebed Hochschild, Chevalley-Eilenberg and quandle homologies are braided homologies
Chi-Kwong Li Maps on quantum states
Kai Maeda Non-associative structures and their computability theoretic complexity
Paul Melvin A Knotty Bucket List
Christian Millichap How many hyperbolic 3-manifolds can have the same volume?
Sam Nelson Quantum Enhancements
Maciej Niebrzydowski Knots, categories, and dynamics
Jessica S Purcell State surfaces in knot complements
Viswanath Ramakrishna Quantum Dots, Squids, Cavity QED - A unified approach vie Lie theory
Witold Rosicki Quandle Cocycle Invariant for Knotted 3-Manifolds in 5-Space.
Masahico Saito Genus ranges of 4-regular rigid vertex graphs
Shin Satoh The pallet graph of a Fox coloring
Cotton Seed A New Spectral Sequence in Khovanov Homology
Crystal Senko Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation Experiments with Trapped Ions
Matthew Titsworth String-Net Condensation and its Application to Quantum Computing
Robert Todd 4-moves and the Dabkowski-Sahi invariant of knots
Tatsuya Tsukamoto Simple ribbon fusions and genera of links
Anastasiia Tsvietkova Exact volume of hyperbolic 2-bridge links
Stephan Wehrli A symmetric group action on the Khovanov homology of cables
Sebastian Wyman Symbolic dynamics in the arithmetic hierarchy
Seung Yeop Yang Is a 1-twist spin of a knotted trivalent graph unknotted?
Alexander Zupan The (g, b)-decompositions of iterated torus knots

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