Quandles- their homology and ramifications

November 17-19 , 2006
The 23rd Conference on Knot Theory and its Ramifications
George Washington University, Washington, DC

Partially supported by NSF and Math. Department of GWU


The conference will start at 1:00PM on Friday November  17, with Colloquium (introductory plenary talk) by Alissa Crans.


The conference is devoted to Knot Theory and its Ramifications. Quandles and their homology  will be the main topic but other parts of Knot Theory will be presented as well.

Plenary speakers include: Scott Carter, Alissa Crans, Michael Eisermann, Mohamed Elhamdadi, Masahico Saito, Shin Satoh and Kheira Ameur (Distinguished graduate student talk)


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Conference Organizers:
Jozef H. Przytycki (GWU),
Yongwu Rong (GWU),
Alexander Shumakovitch (GWU),

Contact address: