The first ANNOUNCEMENT, November 1, 2005
Skein modules, Khovanov homology and Hochschild homology
 December 9-11, 2005
The 21th Conference on Knot Theory and its Ramifications
George Washington University, Washington, DC

You are cordially invited to attend our Knots in Washington XXI conference.
Skein modules, Khovanov homology and Hochschild homology.

Plenary speakers include: Dror Bar-Natan, Mikhail Khovanov (two talks), Lev Rozansky, Paul Turner, Ben Webster (Distinguish graduate student talk).
This regional conference is held every semester, in various locations in the Washington area
(see the main KIW page ).

The conference will take place at George Washington University.

We plan six plenary talks - 50 minutes long, and 20 minutes long research talks.

You are cordially invited to participate in this and future meetings.

We will start on December 9, 1:00 pm with the talk by Mikhail Khovanov.
It will take place in the room 113 of the building 1957 E street (GWU).

If you plan to attend please contact one of the organizers. No registration fee! 

Official conference web page can be found here

We applied for a partial support from NSF (for plenary speakers, PhD students, fresh PhD's and mathematicians without a grant). SUPPORT HAS BEEN RECOMMENDED (November 18, 2005).

If you give a talk please submit your abstract at SUBMISSION -- Knots in Washington XXI

The viewing page is at Abstracts -- Knots in Washington XXI

Speakers include:
B.Audoux, D. Bar-Natan, M.Chmutov, S.Chmutov, L.Helme-Guizon, L.Hernandez, F.Jasso-Hernandez, K.Kawamuro, M.Khovanov, S.Morrison, M.Niebrzydowski, M.Pabiniak, J.H.Przytycki, K. Luse, K.Qazaqzeh, Y.Rong, L.Rozansky, R.Sazdanovic, A.Shumakovitch, P.Turner, A.Virelizier, B.Webster.

See directions to GWU below


Friday December 9, 2005
Talks at 1957 E street, room 113
1:00 -- 2:00 Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University)
What is categorification?
2:00 -- 2:30 Coffee break
2:30 -- 2:50 Laure Helme-Guizon (GWU)
A Khovanov-type cohomology theory for graphs
3:00 -- 3:20 Michael Chmutov (Ohio State University)
Torsion in the chromatic cohomology of graphs
3:30 -- 3:50 Edna Fanny Jasso-Hernandez (GWU)
3:50 -- 4:30 Coffee break
Categorification of the Tutte polynomial
4:30 -- 4:50 Yongwu Rong (GWU)
5:00 -- 5:20 Sergei Chmutov (Ohio State University)
Extreme parts of the Khovanov complex
5:30 -- 5:50 Kerry Luse
Knots with the same Jones polynomial

Saturday December 10, 2005
ROME building (22 Street), room 459
10:00 -- 10:30am Breakfast: coffee and refreshments
10:30 -- 11:20 Lev Rozansky (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
A categorification of the 2-variable and SU(N) HOMFLY-PT polynomials side by side
11:20-11:50 Coffee break
11:50 -- 12:10 Alexander Shumakovich (GWU)
Khovanov homology is stronger than the colored Jones polynomial
12:20 -- 12:40 Benjamin Audoux (Universiti Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
Khovanov homology and restricted isotopies

12:40pm -- 2:30 pm LUNCH/Pizza at Rome building
2:30 -- 3:20 Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University)
Triply-graded link homology and Hochschild homology of Soergel bimodules
3:20 -- 3:50 Coffee break
3:50 -- 4:40 Ben Webster (UC Berkeley)
Khovanov-Rozansky homology and a graphical calculus for tensor products
4:40 -- 5:00 Coffee break
5:00 -- 5:20 Jozef H. Przytycki (GWU)
Confluence of Khovanov homology and Hochschild homology: application to truncated polynomial algebra
5:30 -- 5:50 Milena Pabiniak (GWU)
On torsion in the first A_3 graph cohomology
6:00 -- 6:20 Radmila Sazdanovic (GWU)
Conjectures about torsion in A_m based on computer GraHo calculations

7:00pm A small party at Jozef's house

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Talks take place in ROME building, room 459
10:00 -- 10:30am Breakfast: coffee and refreshments
10:30 -- 11:20 Paul Turner (Institut de Recherche Mathimatique Avancie, Strasbourg)
Unoriented TQFTs and link homology
11:20-11:50 Coffee break
11:50 -- 12:10 Alexis Virelizier (University of California, Berkeley)
Hopf diagrams
12:20 -- 12:40 Keiko Kawamuro (Columbia University)
Non-sharpness of the Morton Franks Williams inequality
12:50 -- 1:10 Lisa Hernandez (University of California, Riverside)
An application of TQFT: determining the girth of a knot

1:10pm -- 2:30 pm LUNCH/Pizza at Rome building
2:30 -- 3:00 Scott Morrison (Berkeley) and Dror Bar-Natan (Toronto)
The Knot Atlas
3:10 -- 3:30 Khaled Qazaqzeh (LSU)
Integral Bases for Certain TQFT-Modules of the Torus
3:30 -- 4:00 Coffee break
4:00 -- 4:20 Maciej Niebrzydowski (GWU)
Burnside Kei (involutive quandle)

Directions to George Washington University:

According to:
there are two official GW hotels: The George Washington University Inn and One Washington Circle Hotel.
Their web cites are
The reasonable hotels in the neighborhood are
State Plaza Hotel (2117 E St)
or Holiday Inn Rosslyn:
For the hotels around Washington see:

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Conference Organizers:
Jozef H. Przytycki (GWU),
Yongwu Rong (GWU),
Alexander Shumakovitch (GWU),

The next conference, Knots in Washington XXII,
will take place in Spring (May?) of 2006,