John W. Philbeck



Department of Psychology
The George Washington University
Washington, DC  20052

Dr. Philbeck holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His postdoctoral research at Carnegie Mellon University was supported by a National Research Service Award and a grant from the James S. McDonnell Foundation. He started at GW in 2000. While at GW, he has served as Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Program and was the Charter Director of the GW Mind-Brain Institute.

Dr. Philbeck's research investigates the psychological and neural processes underlying how we use vision to determine our location and how we remain oriented while moving about. To study these issues, he tests the perceptual abilities of people from a wide range of ages, including individuals who have suffered certain forms of brain injury. Dr. Philbeck is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, and has served on multiple NIH and NSF grant review panels.

Dr. Philbeck is active in teaching at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He has mentored two NSF Graduate Fellows (Adam Woods and Courtney Wallin) and an APA Graduate Fellow (Joeanna Arthur). Dr. Arthur went on to receive the Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering, a top honor conferred by President Obama in the White House, 2014.

Dr. Philbeck is the director of the Brain and Navigation Laboratory.

Research Interests:

  • Visual Space Perception
  • Visual Control of Action
  • Human Spatial Cognition and Navigation
  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Perception and Action

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