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Why Teach?

Ever since I was an undergraduate at Tulane University's Newcomb College, I knew I wanted to be a professor so that I would be immersed in a community of scholars. However, I did not realize until I had been teaching in the public schools for a few years that I wanted to help others realize the potential of technology. I had experienced the power of technology as an individual, and also while working with students and adults.

Although my teaching is primarily technology-focused, I also teach doctoral level and teacher education masters level foundations courses. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my expertise in these other areas, as well as technology. This section on teaching highlights the courses that I teach (or have taught), student work, my educational philosophy, and teaching innovations.

The Importance of Education: El Saber es el Poder - My educational philosophy is driven by the belief that "el saber es el poder." In English, the phrase literally means "knowledge is the ability to...." I like to say it means knowledge is power, strength, and possibility. It empowers one with the ability to accomplish things...Read more of my philosophy»

"Per eruditio vos mos docui ; per eruditio vos mos agnosco" (By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand) - Latin Proverb