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Some tidbits about me?

Let's see....I was born in New Orleans, LA and spent my formative years in Miami, FL. I am a first generation Colombian-American, fluent in Spanish. I love eating, cooking, traveling, reading, visiting museums, listening to live music, and spending time with family and friends.

If I could find the time, I would like to take up painting again and maybe even the saxophone. If I had a good singing voice (I don't!), I would love to sing the blues.

Here are a few pictures of me and my most special family.

graduation 2000 St. John, 2000 Miami, 2006


A favorite quote of mine is a Spanish saying my Abuelita (grandmother) often says: "Que te diviertas mucho y que gastes poco." (Translated from Spanish this means, "May you have lots of fun and spend very little money.")