William Murphy

Undergraduate Student
Biomedical Engineering
The George Washinton University

Currently, I am an undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine and Biophysics at the George Washington University, intending to graduate in the Spring of 2016. I am also conducting research at the Micropropulsion and Nanotechnology Lab under the supervision of Professor Michael Keidar.

The lab I currently work in has three main research areas that centers around one major theme of finding applications for plasma (the fourth state of matter). The first division is Aerospace Engineering ( plasma propulsion), the second division is Material Engineering (graphene production, nanoparticles) and the third division is focused on Biomedical Applications (cancer, cells). I currently work in the Biomedical Division researching the biological affects of cold atmospheric plasma through in vitro and in silico experiments.

Before attending the George Washington University I worked at the Abington Memorial Hospital Rosenfeld Cancer Center conducting research on small field stereotactic radiation oncology under the superivison of Dr. Brian Hasson, Dr. Paul Sullivan and Dr. Christopher Hand. This research gave me my first, and most impactful, experience into understanding the physical sciences as a way to treat cancer.

Outside of research, I readily take any opportunity to give back to my school, who has given so much to me. Currently, I am serving on the Committe for Citizenship & Leadership, whose goal is to create an initiative that is inline with the GWU Strategic Plan to foster a community of global citizen leaders, for undergaduates. I am also vice-president of the Biomedical Engineering Society (GW Chapter), where I act as the liason between the president of the chapter and the BME students at-large to create and support events that develop a wholesome society for biomedical engineers.