The George Washinton University
                                                            Department of Economics

Bryan L. Boulier, Professor of Economics

Contact Information:

    Department of Economics
    George Washington University
    Washington, D.C.  20052
    Telephone:  202/994-8088    Fax:  202/994-6147
    Office Hours:   M 4:00-5:30, after class or by appointment

Teaching Schedule: Fall 2001

ECON 220   Managerial Economics for MBA’s    M 10:00-11:50
ECON\GEOG\SOC\STAT 290 Principles of Demogaphy  M 6:10-8:40

Background Information:


    Princeton University, Economics, M.A. 1969, Ph.D. 1974
    North Carolina State University, Economics, B.A., 1967
    University of Heidelberg, Economics, 1965-1966.

Research Interests:

    Forecasting, Economic Demography, Applied Microeconomics (Health, Labor),
    Economic Development

    Professor, Department of Economics, George Washington University, 1988 - present (Chairman, 1988-1991; Associate Professor, 1981-1988)
    Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Princeton University, Fall 1992
    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, and Faculty Associate, Office of Population Research,
            Princeton  University, 1974-1981
    Visiting Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of the Philippines, 1975-1976
    Research Associate, Office of Population Research, Princeton University, 1972-1974
    Instructor, Department of Economics and Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University,  1971

Recent Publications:

     "Predicting the Outcomes of NFL Games," (with H.O. Stekler), International Journal of Forecasting, forthcoming 2002.

      “Measuring the Onset of the Great Depression: Then and Now,” (with H.O. Stekler and J. Dutra), Indian Economic Review, Vol. XXXVI(1), Jan.-June 2001, forthcoming.

     “The Term Spread as a Cyclical Indicator: A Forecasting Evaluation”, (with H.O. Stekler), Applied Financial Economics, Vol. 11(4), August 2001: 403-409.

    “The Term Spread as a Monthly Cyclical Indicator: An Evaluation”, (with H.O. Stekler), Economics Letters, Vol. 66(1), January 2000: 79-83.

    “Are Sports Seedings Good Predictors?:  An Evaluation”, (with H.O. Stekler), International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 15, March 1999: 83-91.

    “On the Use and Nonuse of Surveys in Economics,” (with R. Goldfarb), Journal of Economic Methodology, Vol. 5(1), June 1998: 1-21.

    "Surveys", (with R. Goldfarb), in J.B. Davis, D.W. Hands and U. Maki (Eds.),  Handbook of Economic Methodology, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd., 1998.

Current Research:

     “Testing the Efficiency of the NFL Betting Market,” (with S. Amundsen and H.O. Stekler),  August 2001.

     “Can Football Executives Predict Quarterback Performance?” (with  H.O. Stekler and J. Coburn), June 2001.

      “Measuring Externalities from Flu Vaccinations,” (with Tejwant Singh Datta and R. Goldfarb), January 2001.

      “Early Controversies Concerning the Cobb-Douglas Production Function: A Modern Evaluation,” (with J.W. Wilson), March 1999.