For nearly 30 years, Professor Montaser, often jointly with select members of his research team, has conducted major intellectual property-related work and consultations for a broad spectrum of clients.

Examples of clients represented include:

  • Venture capitalists and clients handled by some of the most prominent top-100 law firms nationally and worldwide
  • ICP instrument manufacturers in United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan
  • Sample introduction companies globally
  • Aerosol diagnostic firms
  • RF generator businesses
  • Pharmaceutical and petroleum industries worldwide
  • Environmental and Green industries, automobile industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Plasma manufacturing sectors
  • Computer makers
  • Chip industry
  • Artificial cigarette interests
  • Scientific publishing companies
  • Movie and television industry
  • Electrical power corporations
  • Charitable foundations and educational institutions
  • Several federal agencies in relation to classified and non-classified projects, and law enforcement

In some cases, Professor Montaser invites other specialists to expand the domain of expertise and benefits to the projects.

The above track record has been facilitated through prior joint research, publications, and grant applications with some of the best minds in broad fields involving chemistry and distant areas ranging from aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, MEMS and VLSI Technologies, physics, astronomy, pharmacology, cancer diagnostics and therapy, nuclear energy, and related environmental monitoring.

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