The Department of Mathematics

Math 232: Topics in Numerical Analysis: Numerical Methods and Software

(A Graduate Course)

This course was last offered during: Spring 1997.
Next offering: To be announced.

Course Description:
The objective of this course is to introduce science and engineering students to the methods, tools and ideas of numerical computation. The emphasis of the course will be on problem solving using standard mathematical software such as LINPACK and IMSL. Topics covered include interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, solution of linear and nonlinear equations, and numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations.

Numerical Analysis, Burden and Faires, PWS-Kent Publishing Co. (1997).

Recommended Books:
Handbook for Matrix Computations, Coleman and
Van Loan, SIAM, 1988.
Numerical Methods, Software and Analysis, Rice, McGraw-Hill, 1983.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of matrices, differential equations and computer programming.

Professor Murli M. Gupta
Mathematics Department (Funger 428W)
2201 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052
Telephone: 202-994-4857
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