Thomas Hardy Short Stories

You will find the texts of more than thirty of Thomas Hardy's short stories.


Poetry of the Civil War

For a better understanding of the personal aspects of the Civil War, read the poetry written during and after the war.

Union Poetry -

Confederate Poetry -

Poetry from World War I

You will find the very moving poems of poets such as Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Herbert Read, Wilfred Gibson, and Philip Larkin.

Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

Here you will find the cpmplete collection of the poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

The Quotations Page

This is a very rich page. You will find "Quotes of the Day," "Quotes of the Week," "Random Quotations," and "Quotation Links." You also have the possibility of searching for a quotation. This page is maintained by Michael Moncur.

Fluency through Fables 

Here you will find a short fable to read. Then, if you wish, you may choose to do one or more of the following activities: a matching vocabulary exercise, a true and false comprehension exercise, a vocabulary completion exercise, and a written discussion exercise. You can also go to an Index and find five other fables with accompanying exercises.


Newspapers Online

The Washington Post
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal

*Student Review Available

U.S. Holidays

This site lists and explains the most important holidays in the United States.

Magazines Online

Time Magazine
US News and World Report
Business Week

Internet Movie Data Base

This is a wonderful site! You can read about more than 120,000 movies! You can search by movie title, actor/actress, director, writer, character, keyword, or quotation. You will also find a glossary of movie terms and a movie quote of the day. 

*Student Reviews Available

Famous People of the 20th Century

Find the most famous people of the last century.

Biographies of Famous African Americans

Find the biographies of many famous African Americans including Louie Armstrong, James Baldwin, and George Washington Carver.

Museums around the World

Read about the many museums in countries all over the world.

Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe: Quizzes

Test your knowledge of geography, history, people, science, or world culture. Or Test your reading comprehension. Select an online multiple-choice quiz and then submit it for immediate evaluation.

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