STAT 53 DE : Introduction to Statistics in Social Science

Welcome to STAT 53 DE.

This is a Distance Education course. There is no scheduled meeting time or place. Instructions will be given via Blackboard and e-mail. Session starts July 7th, 2008.

E-mail : You need a GW e-mail account in order to participate. The e-mail address you have on your Blackboard profile will be used for correspondence and it is your responsibility to make sure you can receive mails. You must check your e-mail/Blackboard page periodically. All e-mails will be sent to the address on Blackboard.

Office hours : You can ask me questions/clarifications by e-mail or using Discussion board in Blackboard. It is Important that you contact me immediately whenever you have confusion or questions.

Address and Phone numbers :

Department of Statistics

George Washington University

Washington, DC 20052.

Phone : 202-994-6355

Fax : 202-994-6917

E-mail :

Structure : You need to buy thetext book from the GWU bookstore. Lectures using Powerpoint presentation with audio will be posted on blackboard. Altogether there will be about 18 sessions i.e., aout three sessions every week. There will be an online quiz every Friday. You will have to come to campus to take the final. It'll be given in the first week of September 2008. If you want to take the final right after the semester is over, you can take the final on August 16th.Otherwise the course is self paced. In the first week you will get a warm up quiz to familiarize yourself with online quiz.

Text :

  • Statistics, 10th Ed. by McClave and Sincich; Prentice-Hall Custom Text

  • SPSS 15.0 for windows : student Edition (comes with the book)
  • Students Solution Manual (Optional)
  • Companion Website

Lectures : We'll have about three sessions every week. Topics to be covered will be posted on Blackboard. You are expected to read the relevant sections from the text and go through the lectures. The text will be available at the GWU bookstore. If you are not living in the DC area you can order those online and the bookstore will ship them to you for a nominal fee. Their online address is Please do get the text book before the semester starts.  Aall the lectures (powerpoint slides along with audio presentation and video) will be posted on BB. You may have to install window's media player to play the lectures. Student's solution manual is optional.

Homework : Homework assignments will be posted along with the solutions of selected problems. Homeworks won't be collected but to keep up with the course you must solve the hw problems and look at the solutions to make sure that you are understanding the concepts. In case of any difficulties you must contact me. Solutions will be posted a few days after the problems are assigned. 

Quiz : A short quiz will be given every week. Quiz will be posted on fridays but you can take the quiz anytime over the weekend. However, You'll be allowed a limited time to take the quiz(about an hour or so). Most of the quizzes will  be web-based ( where you do everything on the web; using the testing section of the blackboard) or it can be a regular quiz where you solve the problems and send the answers to me. (by fax, or e-mail). You must complete the test the first ime you open it.

Final : The final is on August 16th. (The last day of the semester) A make up final will be given within first two weeks of September. You'll have to come to campus to take the final. Under extraordinary circumstances alternative arrangements can be made. You must contact me as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements. 

SPSS Project : You'll be taught how to use a statistical software called SPSS. Two or three small projects will be assigned. The software comes with book. Please make sure that you have the SPSS students version 15.0 when you get the text book. SPSS is available on all on campus labs.

Equipment : While specialized computer equipment is not necessary, you will need access to a computer with the following minimum specifications: Pentium II 266 MIIz CPU; 32 Megabytes RAM; 56K modem; sound card and speakers; SVGA Monitor w/4+ Megabytes of video RAM; 50 Megabyte hard drive; a CD-Rom player; Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT or XP; Macs are not currently supported for this course. Microsoft Office suite, a printer; and an email account, with a "" address Internet connectivity. A broadband connection is ideal.

FAQ : Please go to the university page and read to know more about the distance education courses.


Dr. Subrata Kundu