Needs Assessment


Service engineers are often required to perform adjustments and calibrations in the field. Some of these activities are very infrequent, to the point that it is unrealistic to expect the engineer to remember the procedures when needed. The information does reside in manuals, but the search process can be very tedious and the instructions are only available in text format with still graphics. The request is for a solution that provides speedy access and is more tutorial in format.

Current KASH Desired KASH
Current knowledge: Field service engineers are familiar with general maintenance of CT systems. Knowledge is supplemented by online documentation in static text/picture format. Desired knowledge: Reduce cognitive load by not requiring memorization of infrequent tasks.
Current attitudes: See Desired attitudes. Desired attitudes: Consider company and personal client-facing image while on client site. Project professionalism in conduct and abilities.
Current skills: Adequate for routine system maintenance. Newer engineers don't service CT systems often enough to remember all necessary procedures without referring to documentation. Desired skills: Ability to search for procedure, practice that procedure, and then apply it correctly on the job.
Current habits: Engineers wait until onsite to review documentation on how to complete a procedure or review how a process works. Desired habits: Use the support tools prior to customer site visit to review processes and practice procedures.

Action Plan

The response is to create an online source for performance support tools that field service engineers can quickly access while on the job. This source will consist of demonstrations, practice activities, and simulation quizzes that the engineers can use to test their proficiency if desired.