Gold Noble (front)
Gold Noble (back)
Above is the gold noble (introduced by Edward III in 1344) that was minted in Tower of London. In the Miller's Tale, Chaucer compares the female protagonist Alisoun to a newly-minted gold noble: "Ful brighter was the shynyng of hir hewe/Than in the Tour the noble yforged newe" (3255-6). For what it's worth, here's an image of the Tower of London (below).

Tower of London
Quarter Noble

Above are the front and back views of Edward's quarter-noble, which bears (like the figure of the King on the gold noble) Edward's coat of arms.

London Seal

This is the corporation seal of the city of London. The front side (left) features a saint and architectural views of the city; the back side (right) features St. Thomas Beckett, who was born in the city.

To view city seals from Continental Europe, see the page maintained by the Library of the Medieval Institute at Notre Dame.