Kent Seal

The Cinque Ports were, in Chaucer's day, an important a group of towns along what is now the Kent (and East Sussex) coastline of southeastern England. The King relied upon these towns to defend England against foreign raids and invasions. The five original towns included in the royal charter of the Cinque Ports were Sandwich, Dover, Hythe, Romney and Hastings. Later on, two more towns (Rye and Winchelsea) were added. This image above is the seal of Winchelsea in Kent.

Other important towns in Kent include Canterbury and Dover (below).

Canterbury Cathedral
Dover Cliff
Dover Castle

The image on the right is Canterbury Cathedral, the famous destination of Chaucer's pilgrims.

The images on the right are of Dover (its white cliffs and its castle). Chaucer would have passed through Dover on his trips to Calais.