Gower Engraving

This is the frontispiece to a sixteenth-century printed edition of Gower's "Confessio Amantis" (Jo. Gower de confessione amantis. London: Thomas Berthelette, 1532). It is likely that this portrait of Gower is based on the poet's tomb effigy. The poet wears a collar (consisting of S-shaped links) that was given to him by King Henry IV. In the Cronica Tripertita, Gower refers to Henry as he "qui gerit S" (he who wears the "S").

You may wish to compare this illustration to another portrait based on the tomb effigy.

Gower Title Page

This is the title page to the same book. The first printed edition of the "Confessio" appeared in 1483 (by William Caxton, London); Berthelette's edition was dedicated to Henry VIII.