Thomas Chaucer - front
Thomas Chaucer - rear

This is an unkown contemporary artist's rendering of Thomas Chaucer. Note that this artist has chosen to employ the pattern from Chaucer's coat of arms as the template for Thomas's clothing.

Thomas Chaucer and wife effigies

This is a brass rubbing of the tomb portraits of Thomas Chaucer and his wife Maud Burghersh (Ewelme Church, 1436).

Roet Arms on Thomas's Tomb

It is interesting to note that (in contrast to the contemporary artist's rendition at the very top of this page) Thomas may have preferred to use his mother's coat of arms instead of his father's. The Roet family wheel emblem figures prominently on Thomas's actual tomb, shown above.

Alice Chaucer effigy

The Roet wheels can also be seen on the tomb effigy of Alice, Thomas Chaucer's daughter.

For more on Thomas Chaucer's use of arms, see the intriguing website maintained by Judy Perry.