John of Gaunt - closeup

This is a closeup of John of Gaunt's face from a Renaissance painting.

John of Gaunt - painting horizontally cropped

Note the coat of arms in the top left corner of the painting. John's own coat of arms is shown combined (overlaid) with the arms of Pedro of Castile. John's marriage to Constance of Castile (Pedro's daughter) gave John a claim to the title of the King of Castile and Leon.

John of Gaunt - painting verticallly cropped

In the bottom half painting (over John's right leg), you can see a castle and three lions (heraldic symbols of the kingdom of Castile and Leon).

John of Gaunt and King of Portugal

Here is a fifteenth century manuscript illustration of John of Gaunt entertaining the King of Portugal.

John of Gaunt was buried with his beloved first wife, Blanche, Duchess of Lancaster.