Anne of Bohemia Effigy

This is the bronze effigy of Anne of Bohemia that lies on her tomb in Westminster Abbey, London.
Anne and Richard II are buried together in this tomb, which Richard ordered on April 25, 1395.

Richmond Palace

Anne died in 1394 at Sheen Palace, a royal retreat along the Thames (Anne's father-in-law Edward III also died there in 1377). In the Prologue to The Legend of Good Women, Chaucer suggested that his work be sent to the Queen at Sheen: "whan this book ys maad, yive it the Quene,/On my Sheene" (F-Text, ll. 496-7). After Anne's death, these two lines were deleted from the text.

In 1499 Sheen Palace burned down, and King Henry VII rebuilt it and gave it the new name of Richmond Palace. Above is a 1617 illustration of the building. The palace eventually fell into disuse and it was finally demolished in the late seventeenth century.