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The best place to start is the main Research page. It is here that I am cataloging progress and keeping the most updated information about my research.

NOTE: This is the public, static version. It is updated manually, so not all that frequently. Research papers are not hosted here due to space restrictions and to avoid any possible copyright infractions.

All inaccuracies / errors stem from my misunderstandings; not that of the originating authors. Feel free to send any corrections to me: jcmarsh (at)

This wiki is intended to help organize the research I have been conducting over the past few years. It is currently divided up as follows.

  • Research: About the work that I have done such as presentations, testing frameworks, example possible projects and a general outline of what I am attempting to do. Much of this is speculative.
  • Notes: These are short guides on technical bits that I have had to figure out during the course of research.
  • Architecture: This is a catalog of different architectures used in the software systems developed to control robots.
  • Faults: The different types of possible faults; how to detect and deal with them.
  • System: Implemented systems, which usually adhere to one of the above architectures to some degree.
  • Planning: Some general information about robotic planning; one of the main applications that must be supported by the System/Architecture of any robot.
  • Background: Contains resources that I have found useful. Dominated by a catalog of many of the papers that I have read with accompanying summaries. The categories are tenuous at best; usually the best fit for the time which I read the paper, and in many cases not entirely accurate.
  • OS: These Operating Systems have been applied to the domain of robotics. Most are research OSes, and many have some real-time aspects.
  • Misc: The odds and ends that I have looked into.


The purpose of this wiki is 3-fold:

  • Understanding - This is my attempt to get a grasp on the state of research in my chosen field. There is a myriad of published works which form a complex graph. The best way for me to start to understand all of this is to write down my thoughts in a manner which allows me to capture the inter-connectedness of the information.
  • Documentation - In the course of my research, I have written code, paper summaries and presentations. All of this needs to be described so that I can continue to build upon this base of work. Any insights gained where hard-fought, and should not be allowed to expire due to time and a faulty memory.
  • Coherence - The ultimate goal is to bring all of this together into one coherent picture. This may not be possible, but striving for this goal will at least give me a basis for continuing my research and solidifying my understanding of the field.
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