Fishing School

The Fishing School hosts after school programs for middle school students in DC. Currently I am teaching a weekly class on web-development, and have previously taught a class on game programming with lua.

Web Development - SP2013

This class will introduce the basics of web development by teach the three core technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will progress by tackling progressively harder projects and through lessons through the educational site Code Academy.

The projects will range from creating simple personal websites to interactive online games.

Current Project: Football Athlete Site

Lua and LÖVE Game Development - FA2012

Lua is a small, yet powerfull language that is used extensively in the video game industry as an embedded scripting language. When paired with LÖVE, a 2D game framework, fairly complex arcade style games can be developed very quickly.

First Game: The Lonely Invader

  • A simple program that involves moving an alien around the screen.

Drawing a "Face"

  • main.lua: A program that draws most of a simple face

Motion and Animation

  • Displays a character, and includes student artwork. Students must add code to facilitate motion and animation.

Text Adventure

  • bear.lua: A simple text adventure game.


  • quiz.lua: Create a quiz to test a friend's knowledge!


  • main.lua: An almost working pong-like game.
  • A local properties file for SciTE that allows Love2D to work even if the PATH variable is not set.