Note to Students:

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Systems Programming (CSCI 3410)

Spring 2014


Instructor: Prof. Yul Williams

Introduction to Software Development (CSCI 1111)

Fall 2013

Introduction to problem solving with computers, intended for non-majors and majors alike. The course focuses on developing programming skills through Java and group projects. Run two weekly design sessions, which are planned in collaboration with another TA.

Instructor Site: Prof. Anasse Bari

Computer Architecture 1 (CSCI 2461)

Fall 2011

A Sophomore level introduction to computer architecture.

Instructor Site: Prof. Gabe Sibley

Introduction to Software Development

Spring 2011

Introduction to problem solving with computers, intended for non-majors and majors alike. The class is taught using Java, and the weekly Lab sessions revolved around programming Lego Mindstorms robots using Lejos. Along with another TA, responsible for designing and running the lab sessions, and grading assignments and exams.

Instructor Site: Prof. Rahul Simha

Data Structures with C

Fall 2010

The second C class required for several engineering majors, this class examines basic data structures and algorithms. Responsibilities include a weekly lab session and grading of assignments.

Instructor Site: None

Computer Architecture 2

Spring 2010

For CS students, this is their second architecture class, for ECE students, this is their first. Responsible for running a weekly lab, as well as grading assignments.

Instructor Site: Prof. Susan Cheng

Operating Systems

Fall 2009

A Junior / Senior level CS class that is both theoretical and pragmatic. The theoretical base was covered by the professor in class, while the practical aspects were largely covered in the weekly lab sessions. In addition to labs, I was responsible for designing some assignments and grading work.

Instructor site: Prof. Gabriel Parmer