Dr. Artz's Curriculum Vitae

John M. Artz is an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the School of Business at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He teaches courses in Relational Databases, Data Warehousing, Virtual Worlds, and the MS IST Capstone Course. His research interests are in Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems and emerging technologies such as Virtual Worlds, Video Games and Social Interaction Technologies. In addition to being an expert in a wide variety of technologies from programming to database design Dr. Artz has published nearly fifty scholarly articles and over one hundred book and article reviews.


Dr. Artz joined the faculty of the School of Business and Public Management in the Fall of 1992. Since that time he was promoted to Associate Professor in 1998; served as the Program Director of the Master of Science in Information Systems Technology program from Fall 1999 to Fall 2003; served as the Web Master for the School of Business and Public Management from Fall 1996 to Fall 2000; and served on the Faculty Advisory Committee for the University Teaching Center from Fall 1994 to Fall 1997. Prior to moving into academia, Dr. Artz spent nearly twenty years in industry at places such as The MITRE Corporation, Arbitron Ratings, Southwest Research Institute, General Electric Information Systems, American Management Systems, and Washington Gas Light Company. While serving in industry, Dr. Artz took on a variety of roles related to database development and administration and software development. He has industry expertise in relational databases, enterprise networks, expert systems, and graphical user interfaces. Dr. Artz holds a patent (#5,025,382 - Data link Controller Interface) on a direct manipulation user interface for air traffic controllers in a digital communications environment. In addition, he has been a database administrator using several database products including DB2, Sybase and Oracle and has done professional software development in nearly a dozen different programming languages on a wide variety of platforms.

Teaching Experience

While on the faculty of the School of Business and Public Management, Dr. Artz has taught the following courses: In addition, Dr. Artz developed four of these courses: ISTM130W, Mgt248, Mgt289, and Mgt340; and substantially revised Mgt390 and ISTM6210.


Ph.D. February 1990. School of Business and Public Management. The George Washington University. Major Field - Information and Decision Systems. Dissertation Title: An Empirical Study of the Ability of Database Designers to Process Data Dependencies Correctly.

M.B.A. June 1981. School of Government and Business Administration. The George Washington University. Concentration in Information Systems Technology.

M.S. in Mathematics. 1976. University of Florida. Concentration in Abstract Algebra.

B.S. in Mathematics. 1974. James Madison University. Magna Cum Laude. Awarded Outstanding Senior in Mathematics.

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