Dr. Artz's Books in Progress

I am a compulsive writer and I could no more not write than I could not eat or not sleep. It is merely a part of my daily rhythm and a part of who I am. I write scholarly papers, essays, stories, blogs, webpages, lengthy emails, and even the odd poem. Even though I have published over 50 scholarly papers and more than 100 book and article reviews, writing is vastly more important to me than publishing. Consequently, I have many books in many stages of development. Most of these, I will never get around to publishing. Writing is heaven, while publishing is... well you can figure out the rest. Most of these I have been working on for years and it will take years, perhaps decades before they are finished. In the meantime there is no reason not to make what I done so far available to those who may be interested. I enjoyed writing them. Maybe you will enjoy reading them. Maybe they will stimulate your thinking on some of these topics. So, I am making several of my books in progress available for download. Feel free to download and distribute as long as you do not modify them or take credit for my work.

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