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I am a compulsive writer. I write books, papers, stories, blogs, and long emails. I fill journals and notebooks with ideas that I don't want to forget. I write for pleasure. I write to organize my thoughts. I write to communicate. My blogs are just a slightly more disciplined and public form of my private notebooks. I write blogs because things interest me. I like to write about them. And occassionally somebody likes to read about them. I think my two main strengths for writing in general and blogging in particular are that I am good at organizing my thoughts and I am good at expressing them.

Below are links to some of my blogs. I should explain that I am not one who blogs every day with the expectation that readers will follow it every day. The problem with today's newspaper is that tomorrow it will be yesterday's news. I try to write things that have more enduring value. I write when I am in the mood to write. And I write what I feel like writing about. So, I may make weekly posts to a blogs for a few weeks or a few months and then not make another entry for a similar amount of time. So, if you choose to take a peek at any of my blogs think of them as short chapters in an ongoing book rather than daily news flashes. And if you have any reactions, positive or negative, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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