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My teaching philosophy concurs with my belief that cultivation of competence, instead of the practice of knowledge transfer, is the consummate goal of higher education. I stress the development of mindsets keen in search for problem-solving methods, rather than the mentality of knowing all the answers to each question. I strive to culture the spirit of active learning in my daily teaching that covers several courses cross-linked between geology program and chemistry department.

GEOL 005: Environmental Geology

Impact of geology on environment, with emphasis on natural resources, natural hazards, the dependence of people and society on natural environments.

GEOL 006: Environments and Science

An introduction to earth system science, large-scale processes operating within the atmosphere, oceans, and solid Earth, and global environmental issues facing today¡¯s society.

GEOL CHEM 140/GEOL 140: Geochemistry

Origin and evolution of chemical systems and processes on the planet Earth, as well as the types of chemical reactions in earth system and the physiochemical rules governing the reactions.

CHEM 143/GEOL 143: Aqueous Geochemistry

A broad discussion of chemical reactions in hydrosphere as well as the interactions of earth materials with natural waters.

CHEM 260: Special Topics

Adsorption: empirical approach and surface complexation model. Surface process during dissolution and growth of mineral crystals.


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