to the personal web site of J. Houston Miller, Professor of Chemistry at George Washington University. My lab primarily develops and applies laser diagnostics to the analysis of problems in combustion science, atmospheric chemistry, and biotechnology. In addition, we have published several papers in the field of the structure and optical properties of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and their aggregates.

Latest News

We are mostly moved into our new lab in the Science and Engineering Hall. After decades in the basement of Corcoran Hall we are excited about the prospects of occasionally seeing sunlight.

Brief Biographical Sketch

A.B., 1976, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. Degree in Chemistry with Honors. Research involved synthesis and Raman spectroscopy of halogenated cyclopropenes and cyclopropenium cations.

Ph.D., 1980, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Dissertation Title: Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy of Molecular Ions and Free Radicals): Studied unstable radicals and ions trapped in inert substrates (rare gas solids). In most cases these species were generated y vacuum ultra¬violet photolysis of condensing parent compounds (halocarbons, boron halides, and aro-matic hydrocarbons) and were analyzed through infrared absorption, UV/Vis absorption, and/or laser induced fluorescence tech¬niques.

1980 to 1982: NRC Postdoctoral Fellow (National Bureau of Standards). Applied laser spectroscopic techniques (absorption, fluorescence, and laser induced ionization) to a variety of combustion problems such as laser induced fluorescence and ultraviolet absorption of polycyclic aromatic hydro¬carbons, ultraviolet laser absorption of OH radicals, and multiphoton ionization spectroscopy of combustion product species.

George Washington University 1982: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, 1986: Promotion to Associate Professor, 1988: Tenure Granted, 1991: Promotion to Professor (continuing)

Cambridge University 2007: Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering 2008-present: Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering 2007-present: Bye Fellow, Robinson College (continuing)

Honors and Awards

(2011) Bender Teaching Award (GWU)

(2007) Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professor at Cambridge University

(1996) Visiting Professor: University Of Sydney (Australia)

(1990) Churchill Fellowship, English Speaking Union

(1987) Condon Award, National Bureau of Standards

(1979 1980) Dean's Fellowship, University of Virginia

(1976) Honors in Chemistry, Oberlin College

(1976) Sigma Xi, Oberlin College Chapter

(1975) Polymer Science Award, University of Akron