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Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud


This page is maintained in memory of the great Egyptian philosopher and inspirational writer the Late Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud. Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud authored and co-authored many important books in Arabic and English, wrote hundreds of influential articles in premier newspapers (such as Al-Ahram) and magazines, and led a movement of enlightenment in Egypt and the Arab World heralding  rational thinking as its base  and the formidable rigor of  science as its methodology.





The State's Award of Appreciation:

Egyptian Award given to individuals in appreciation of  a lifetime  contribution and outstanding                  

intellectual  achievement, 1975.

The State's Award of Encouragement:

Given to an Egyptian individual to recognize excellence demonstrated in a  specific work. Bestowed upon Dr. 

Zaky Naguib Mahmoud in 1960 for his book entitled Toward a Scientific Philosophy.


The Award of Arabic Culture: 

In 1984 Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud was the fist recipient of this prestigious award, given by the Arab League 

to a top thinker in the entire Arab World.



Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud received many degrees, among which are:

Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of London, 1947.

Honorary Ph.D.:

An honorary Doctorate of Philosophy degree was awarded by the American University in Cairo to Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud in 1985.


 Biographical Sketches










Many biographies have been written and numerous scholarly studies have been conducted on the life and impact of Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud on the intellectual life and thought of the Arab World and human society at large.

The following two books have been edited by Dr. Monira A. Helmy:




Commemorating Poems





Several Master theses and Ph.D. dissertations about the life and contribution of Dr. Zaky Naguib Mahmoud have been successfully defended  in a number of European countries as well as in the United States. These published volumes appear in several languages including  English, Russian and Dutch.

The author of this page will be grateful to any individuals who can come forward with information on these sources. Once the citations are available they will be placed in the page and the contributor's name will be acknowledged (subject to approval, of course). 

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This page is maintained by

Dr. Hosam M. Mahmoud,                                                                                                                            

Professor and Chairman                                                                                                                     

Department of Statistics                                                                                                                               

The George Washington University                                                                                                        

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Contacts in Egypt:

Dr. Monira A. Helmy

Ein Shams University                                                                                               


Mrs. Moshira A. Mahmoud

6 Hassan Sabry Street

Zamalek, Cairo

Telephone: +20 2 340 77 35


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