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Courses Taught at GW

  • Introductory Undergraduate: College algebra; General mathematics; Mathematical ideas; Mathematics and politics; Precalculus; Calculus with precalculus; Calculus for the social and management sciences; Finite mathematics for the social and management sciences; Single variable calculus I; Single variable calculus II.
  • Intermediate Undegraduate: Multivariable calculus; Introduction to mathematical reasoning (including WID version),
  • Advanced Undegraduate:  Introduction to mathematical logic; Introduction to automata theory (Statistics Department); Axiomatic set theory; Computability theory (including WID version); Computational complexity (including WID version); Topics in Mathematics. Classical and quantum computational complexity
  • Special Undergraduate: Mathematical theory of languages (two-course sequence) for the University Honors Program; Set theory for the Summer Program for Women in Mathematics; Dean's Seminars for Freshmen: (1) Mathematical logic, language, and learning; (2) Is reasoning computable; (3) Mathematics of the infinite; (4) Turing machines, Chomsky languages, digital and quantum computing
  • Graduate
    • Mathematical logic
    • Computational complexity for the Computational Sciences Master's Program
    • Graduate topics in logic:
      • Turing degrees
      • Axiomatic set theory
      • Model theory: classical and computable
      • Computability theory and applications
      • NP-completeness
      • Multi-valued logic
      • Independence results in set theory
      • Recursion theory: hierarchies, oracles and degrees
      • Models, algorithms, and applications
      • The forcing method
      • Computable structure theory
      • Frequency computations
      • Computable algebra
      • Goedel incompleteness results
      • Ordinals, definability, and computability
      • Algorithmic methods
      • Algorithms and mathematics