For course information:
Fall 2014
PSYC 8289: Special Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience
Thursdays, 9:10--11:00 AM Eastern Time
GG 402

We'll focus on the progress in the fields of neural circuits, sensory processing and related behaviors. Especially, we will emphasize the new techniques used in modern neuroscience, such as two photon microscope, genetic manipulations, optogenetics, CLARITY, etc. The course structure will be seminar-style. We will examine the pioneering papers and delve into the advantages and disadvantages of these studies. So that we will have a bigger picture of where we are in the neuroscience research, what is the most important question that our research community is attacking, and what other new techniques might emerge in the next decades. This is a graduate student level course.

Location: 404 GG Hours: 3:50-4:50PM Wednesdays or by appointment
2125 G Street NW Washington, DC 20052