Our research is focused on understanding the neural circuitry mechanisms underlying hearing-related behaviors and cognitive functions. We are in a diverse and collaborative neuroscience community consisting of the George Washington University and Children’s National Medical Center in the heart of Washington, DC.


Dean’s Interdisciplinary Collaboration Excellence Award received by Dr. Huixia Wang (Stat) and G.W. (Psyc)
04/08/2015: Congratulations to Emily for her
Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2015-2016.
Our 2P+ephys up for running.
12/14/2014: GW Today:
GW Researchers Seek to Understand Brain Abnormalities.
08/08/2014: G.W. received
NARSAD Young Investigator Award from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.
04/18/2014: Welcome incoming graduate student
Jeongyoon Lee.
04/15/2014: G.W. received research award from
University Facilitating Fund (UFF) of GW.
PSYC8289 Special Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience in Fall 2014.
03/20/2014: Welcome undergraduate research assistant Helen Synn.
Undergraduate Research Assistantship Fund awarded to G.W.
How to Read a Map: See us in the upcoming Janelia Farm conference next Spring.
09/20/2013: Welcome postdoctoral fellow
Dr. Cal Rabang.
06/10/2013: GW Today:
G.W. awarded a three-year research grant from the Whitehall Foundation.
05/22/2013: Welcome undergraduate research assistant Jaan Hasan.
04/06/2013: Welcome rotation student Julieta Lischinsky of IBS program.
Postdoctoral Position Available
03/08/2012: Do you hear what I hear?

The Wu Laboratory
George Washington Institute for Neuroscience
Department of Psychology
The George Washington University

2300 Eye Street NW,
Ross Hall, Rm 663(main), 460B(behavioral), 460C(ephys), 460D(imaging)
Washington, DC 20037

Intranet (lab members only)