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Date:        2/10/03 10:31AM

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Dear Dr.  Krikor l. Erzingatsian,


I have been very interested in Zambia after prior travels through the country, and repeated work in Southern Africa.  I will be again working in Malwi in the next months and have been making plans for 2004 for a trip that would include a first stop in Malawi for a period of time which I would like to extend into Zambia if you suggest that this would be recommended.


  Doug Soderdahl, a close colleague of mine engaged in like‑minded pursuits, had recommended you and your program highly.


My own background and interests can be scanned from a Home Page at http://home.gwu.edu/~gwg  I had spent all of 1996 in Southern Africa as Senior Fulbright Scholar for the African Regional Research Program.


I would be delighted to look into a possible connection in support of your program in Zambia, and look forward to meeting you!






>>> "douglas w. soderdahl" <dsoderdahl@att.net> 01/23/03 05:45PM >>>





chief of surgery at UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, lusaka, zambia ...


krikor l. erzingatsian, <surgerydep@yahoo.com>. this man is brilliant, runs

a dramatically productive dept of surgery. he's "your type", kind of

comprehends EVERYTHING.


another contact there is jim jewell, a DELIGHTFUL general surgeon, who is

faculty there, but now in his later years, is spending a bit more time in

the states. he's copied above.


as ever,




PS: please note that i formed a nonprofit this past summer, GLOBAL MEDICAL

MISSIONS, which will give me the 'flexibility' i have needed for some time

... i.e. LESS hassle, MORE "in the trenches".




douglas w. soderdahl, md, facs


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villa rica, ga 30180‑8617

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On 9/26/02 13:21, "Glenn Geelhoed" <msdgwg@gwumc.edu> wrote:


> Doug:


> I am trying to make my Malawi plans for next year, and it looks like

> the dates of Last week in April first weeks of May 03 might work.  I am

> trying to find out if I should arange a stopover in Zambia‑‑the place I

> land in any event on my way to Llongwe, and wondered since I had not

> heard anything form the letter I wrote by email to the chairman of

> surgery ther after your introductoin after we were "ships passing in the

> night" last spring.


> What do you advise?




>>>> "Douglas W. Soderdahl" <dsoderdahl@att.net> 03/22/02 10:48AM >>>

>>                                                             April

> 2002



>>                            OUT OF ZAMBIA, SOUTHERN AFRICA



>> Dear family & friends,


>>     We faced a  significant dilemma. The baggage allowance on Kenya

> Airways

>> from Nairobi to Lusaka, Zambia is 44 lbs. per person. As a result of

> carrying

>> most equipment necessary for urologic surgery, our bags weighed well

> over 350

>> lbs. Excess weight charges would far exceed the nearly $1,000 for our

> two

>> tickets. BUT, God superintended, such that 4 nationals, having

> attended the


> Education

>> Conference, accompanied us. We were able to consolidate our baggage

> into a

>> single unit for the group. Consequently, NO excess charges were

> levied. Godıs

>> Hand of blessing!


>>     Though invited two years ago by Dr. J., Senior Lecturer in

> Surgery, to

>> work in the Urology Section of the University Teaching

> Hospital/University of

>> Zambia (UTH), we upon arrival became the charge of Dr. L., Head of

> Urology.

>> What a delight! Dr. L., his lovely wife and 2 adorable pre‑teen

> children,

>> relocated to Lusaka 6 years ago from neighboring Zimbabwe, where they

> saw

>> escalating threats to their safety under the de facto dictatorship

> of

>> President Robert Mugabe. The familyıs homeland is Egypt, but a

> humanitarian

>> inclination led them to care for the impoverished in sub‑Saharan

> Africa.


>>     The first President of Zambia, shortly after independence in

> 1964

>> (formerly North Rhodesia) declared the country a ³Christian nation²,

> perhaps

>> the only one on earth. Indeed, the Christian church continues to grow

> in

>> numbers, particularly the Pentecostal group. Career workers inform us

> of the

>> critical need to train national pastors. Mrs. L. supplements her

> husbandıs

>> $250 per month through employment at the Egyptian Embassy. Their

> childrenıs

>> school fees consume the lionıs share of their joint income.


>>     Life in Lusaka is relaxed, congenial and moving forward. Now, it

> sports

>> even a fine shopping mall! However, ³challenges² present themselves

> not

>> infrequently ... drought, lack of the basic necessities not to

> mention

>> amenities such as clean water and garbage collection, rampant

> inflation,

>> rising hooliganism, the devastation of HIV/AIDS (40% prevalence) and

>> dreadfully insufficient healthcare delivery. Additionally, their

> ³interesting²

>> neighbors ... Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the two Congoıs and Angola ... all

> are

>> embroiled in severe civil unrest.


>>     In my work I see an assortment of diseases, many dramatically

> different

>> from what I would see in a more advanced locale. UTH has 1,800

> inpatient beds.

>> Presently, there are training programs for national physicians in

> Medicine,

>> Pediatrics, Surgery and Obstetrics/Gynecology. Dr.L. dreams of

> starting a

>> training program in Urology. With only two trained urologists in all

> of Zambia

>> (for over 13 million people), such an effort seems most worthy.


>>     WE conducted training at UTH in March for about 3 weeks. Dr. L.ıs

> desire

>> to begin a training program ignited as he profited a great deal from

> our

>> teaching ... lectures, ward rounds, work in the outpatient department

> and in

>> the operating theatre. We introduced the most modern of technologies

> ...

>> vaporization   (ablation) without incision of prostate and uterus.

> Dr.L.

>> learned quickly, incredulous at this modern advance permitting major

> surgery

>> with minimal bleeding, next‑day discharge from the hospital and

> return to

>> routine activity in two days! In his eagerness to implement this

> teaching as

>> quickly as possible, he has purchased from personal modest resources

> the

>> instruments he will require. Dr.L. articulates, ³Dr. Douglas and

> Sister Nancy

>> illustrate so well my heartıs desire to relieve such unnecessary

> suffering of

>> my adopted people. They have inspired and challenged me by

> demonstrating their

>> Christian faith before me and the many others with whom they

> interacted. In

>> fact, they introduced prayer into surgery, which evoked deep respect

> for such

>> a dedicated couple.²


>>     This mission proved both a pleasant surprise (Lusaka, verdant and

> clean,

>> with many fine restaurants, may be one of Africaıs well‑kept

> secrets.) and

>> heartbreaking as well. Our goals ... to open doors and encourage

> career

>> workers, to train nationals and to embody Christıs loving care ...

> were

>> realized.   Again, God has wrought His work both IN and THROUGH us,

> all made

>> possible by you, our faithful supporters.


>>     By the time you read this, weıll likely be serving in China for

> several

>> weeks. We plan, Lord willing, to be in Xiıan, Beijing, Dalian and

> perhaps,

>> Inner Mongolia. Words flee as we express our need of and appreciation

> for your

>> prayers with and for us.



>> Serving faithfully,




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