Research leading to some of the publications listed on this page was supported
by the National Science Foundation through grants:
NSF CAREER DMS-1514761 (2016-2021), DMS-1412748 (2014-2017),
DMS-1109682 (2011-2014), DMS-0807636 (2008-2011)
and by the Feodor-Lynen Fellowship (2006-2007).

    F. Golse, M. Gualdani, C. Imbert and A. Vasseur.
      Regularity for the homogeneous Landau-Coulomb equation.
      In preparation

    L. Caffarelli, M. Gualdani and N. Zamponi.
      A nonlocal porous media equation . Submitted

    M.P. Gualdani and N. Guillen.
      On Ap weights and the Landau equations.
    To Appear in Calc. Var. and PDEs (2018)

    M.P. Gualdani and N. Zamponi.
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      SIAM J. Math. Anal. 50 (2018), no. 4, 3676 -3714.

    M.P. Gualdani and N. Zamponi.
      A Review on an isotropic Landau model To appear in Springer INdAM Series, Springer (2018)

    M.P. Gualdani and N. Zamponi.
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    M.P. Gualdani, X. Ren and I. Sorribes.
      Global well-posedness for a mathematical model in tumor growth.

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